Holidays with your dogs

You walk relaxed along the beach, feel the sand under your feet and enjoy the warm sunshine. Thousands of points of light glisten on the water in front of you. Behind you, the mountains of the coastal range rise up.

Suddenly you are torn from your thoughts by a fountain of water. Your dog, your faithful companion, has just thrown himself into the sea. He gallops out again, dashes along the shore, grabs a stick and runs back to you.

And when you see him standing there like that: Soaking wet, eyes shining and tail wagging on turbo, you can't help but laugh - and be happy because your dog is having so much fun.

Welcome to the MARISOL riumar family resort

The right holiday home for every pack

You can rely on the quality of MARISOL holiday homes because we only look after properties that meet our high standards.

  • Large selection of holiday homes from just 2 people
  • All holiday homes have a garden with private pool
  • Are technically + visually in top condition and
  • Offer a high level of comfort (air conditioning, washing machine, dishwasher, German SAT-TV and free WLAN).

The best thing is: Your darling can move freely everywhere because the properties are dog-proof fenced.

Official dog beach

"Dogs are welcome in Riumar!" - That's more than just a slogan. Dogs have been 'tolerated' on the unguarded stretch of beach for many years.

After lengthy negotiations with the city council, the water protection authority and the nature conservation authority, MARISOL was able to convince all parties involved that an official regulation would create clarity for everyone.

The official dog beach in Riumar has been open since 2013. The first of its size on the Costa Dorada. It is located to the left of the supervised beach and is signposted with official signs.

The dog beach is regularly checked and cleaned.

Note for non-dog owners

You don't have to worry either. Dogs are still strictly forbidden on the guarded beach at Riumar, and this is enforced by the lifeguards and law enforcement officers. Even in high season, you hardly notice the four-legged friends in the dunes and on the beach. The dog owners dispose of any 'leftovers' so that everything is always clean.

Dog-friendly holidays with MARISOL

  • Dogs stay free of charge at MARISOL
  • We also have suitable accommodation for 2 or more dogs
  • Properties are dog-proof fenced in
  • Dog care possible (also all day)
  • Dog-friendly short journey (from Frankfurt/Main to Riumar you only drive 13 hours, from Duisburg 14 hours)
  • Kilometre-long official dog beach
  • Veterinary practice and clinic only 8km away (we are happy to accompany you for interpreting!)
  • Attractive offers in the climatically pleasant low season

DogSitter? - Of course!

Holidays at last, children, family and dog are of course included.

But what if there's a trip coming up and your family friend can't come along? Either because it's too strenuous for the dog, or the faithful companion is simply not allowed to come along.

What now? Especially if he shouldn't/can't stay alone in the holiday home?

Does someone stay at home? Yes, and it's us!

MARISOL knows these problems and has a simple solution: we look after your dog.

We are happy to look after your four-legged friend regularly, look after him, take him for a walk and play with him. We can also organise all-day care on request. - Just get in touch with us!

Checklist for travelling with a dog (travel regulations in the EU)

  • Chip obligation

    Since 2011, dogs, cats and ferrets must be chipped when crossing borders in the EU.

  • Rabies vaccination

    Animals must be able to provide proof of a valid vaccination against rabies. The first vaccination must have been carried out at least 21 days prior to entry. The last vaccination must not have been more than one year ago.

  • The EU pet passport must be carried.

  • Observe transit and entry regulations!

    The route to Riumar usually leads through France and Switzerland. The regional legal regulations must be observed here. Please also consider Switzerland, which has its own rules that are independent of the EU.

  • Listed dogs

    Please note that special regulations apply to listed dogs with regard to transport and management.

Travelling with a dog

Even before packing, you should think about how to keep your pet safe in the car. In many European countries (including Germany), the securing of pets when travelling is regulated by law. But it's not just the threat of fines that should prompt you to take action. After all, it is primarily about the safety of all passengers - 2-legged and 4-legged friends.


  • If you are going on holiday with your dog, you should definitely consider taking out dog liability insurance that also covers damage abroad.Your dog is best protected if you also take out pet health insurance.

  • Travel cancellation insurance protects you if you unexpectedly have to cancel your trip or leave early. - Please note that your dog will also be accepted as a cancellation reason by your insurance company.

  • You can find this and much more at!

Other web tips for dog owners

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